Extra Protection for Your Carpets and Rugs

Allseasons Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management provide carpet protection as an added service to be used in conjunction with our professional carpet cleaning services. The carpet protection service gets applied once your carpets have been thoroughly cleaned and it adds a Teflon protection layer to your carpets or rugs that knits together and forms a barrier over the carpet.

The protection doesn’t stop stains from occurring but it does mean that dirt and dust doesn’t get into the fibers of the carpet, preventing it from being destroyed.

Some of the benefits of our carpet protection service include:

  • Dust will sit at the top of the carpet and is easy to be vacuumed off.
  • Carpet protection will extend the life of your carpet or rugs.
  • Carpet protection keeps your carpet cleaner in general but it will also achieve better results when your carpet is professionally cleaned.


Our carpet protection service is designed to extend your carpet’s lifespan while also extending the amount of time that you can go between professional cleans. You will need to get the protective Teflon layer re-applied after each professional clean.

Ask your carpet cleaning technician for more information about this service when booking your next professional carpet cleaning service.

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