Termite Treatments in the Sunshine Coast Area

According to CSIRO, 1 in 3 homes in South East Queensland have already had termites or will get termites / white ants in their house. In as little as 12 months, termites could destroy your home if they are left undetected or untreated. Termites will eat away at the frame of the house, weakening the foundations of your property. If you are uncertain whether you have a termite problem, we recommend getting started with our termite inspection service. If you do require a termite barrier following the inspection and eradication then we will deduct the cost of the inspection from your final bill.

All our pest control and termite treatment services are performed by licenced pest operators who are fully trained to Australian standards and hold current Timber Pest Licences with QBCC. Call us today on 1300 790 177 to book a termite treatment service for your home.

What do I do if I have termites?

Our team of professional pest control and termite experts work efficiently to stop the existing termites or white ants from causing any further structural damage to your property. The first step is for us to perform an inspection on your property and confirm that you do have a termite problem and to discover how sever the infestation is. We will then form a detailed plan to eradicate the termites in your home. Once we are confident that we have the termite situation under control we will recommend installing a termite barrier which prevents the termites from returning for up to 8 years.

Safe Termite Treatments

In addition to conforming to the latest Australian safety standards, we make sure to use safe chemicals when spraying your home. A home is a safe space, and we want to make sure you feel safe in your home, free of harmful chemicals. As such, we use a product called Termidor to eradicate termites. Termidor is water-based and odour-free, and we find it extremely effective in removing termites under any circumstance.

Termite Treatment FREE Quote

Get in touch with Allseasons Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control on 1300 790 177 to organise a free termite treatment quote for your home or property.