Effective Termite Solutions on the Sunshine Coast

Allseasons Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control are a family-owned business operating for over 25 years. We provide professional pest control and termite solutions to the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay areas and we pride ourselves on our great customer service and attention to detail. Visit our About Us page for more information about our business and our team.

Installing a physical termite barrier is vital in ensuring the structural integrity of your home. After we eradicate your house of termites, it’s recommended to have a termite barrier installed before reinforcements come. The type of barrier we install will primarily depend on your property.  We offer Baiting systems and Chemical options. To install the chemical barrier we dig around the perimeter of your house and spray down a barrier that keeps termites out for at least 8 years. In fact, we guarantee it! If your barrier fails within 8 years with yearly inspections, we’ll replace your barrier, free of charge!

Termites are a pest that chew away at the lifeblood of your house. Queensland has the one of the best climates for termites; our warm weather in combination with our fondness of beautiful wooden ‘Queenslander’ style homes make for very happy termites.. Quite often a new home will be installed with a termite mesh, but once this degrades, a termite barrier will need to be installed if you want to ensure you have the utmost protection of your home from termites. You might even have an old termite barrier that has served you well, in this case we’re happy to lay over an existing barrier to keep the pests out!


What’s the difference between a termite mesh and a termite barrier?

A termite mesh is installed when your house is being built. It’s a simple yet effective way of keeping white ants out of your home that lasts anywhere between 5-10 years. The problem is that when it degrades, you can’t replace it; your house is already on top of the mesh. As such, a dug-in barrier is necessary to ensure you keep the same amount of protection against termites you had when the house was built.

All our chemicals and spraying techniques are up to Australian standards and we stand by our work. We are proudly Accredited Termidor Applicators. All termite barriers come with an 8-year warranty (conditions apply), provided you get it inspected yearly.


Termite Barrier Installation

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