Professional Leather Cleaning Services

Allseasons Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control provide professional leather cleaning services for a range of different furniture including lounge suites, dining chairs, computer chairs, ottomans and any other items that have been upholstered with leather. We also provide our services to vehicle interiors, boats and caravans. In addition to leather cleaning we also offer a leather protection service which can added onto your professional clean to assist in extending the life of your leather furniture.

Leather cleaning will prolong the life of your expensive leather furniture and is recommended that you have all leather lounge suites, chairs, car seats and other furniture professionally cleaned every 1-3 years. Our service covers anything made of real leather – unfortunately we cannot accommodate suede or fake leather – and we complete the service entirely by hand. Our technician will start by dusting off all dirt and will then buff on the shampoo and conditioning seal.

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Extend Your Warranty:

Did you know that a lot of manufacturers will void a warranty if you do not get your furniture professionally cleaned and maintained? While they will often provide a warranty of 10 – 15 years on the frame, the warranty will not cover the leather or fabric of the furniture. This is because oils and acidity from our skin causes permanent discolouration to the fabric while also causing the fibres to weaken and break. Even if the furniture doesn’t look dirty, hygienically it will be crawling with dust mites, bacteria and other germs that are not seen by the naked eye.

Allseasons’ professional leather cleaning service will remove all dirt and bacteria while extending the life of you leather furniture and potentially also extending the life of your warranty for the furniture.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Price

No Seats Price Protection
Sections Clean & Feed @ $25 per seat
1 $74 $25
2 $121 $50
3 $168 $75
4 $215 $100
5 $262 $125
6 $309 $150
7 $356 $175
8 $403 $200

Leather Dining Suites Cleaning Price

No Seats Price Protection
Sections Clean & Feed $8 Per Seat
1 $35 $8
2 $65 $16
3 $95 $24
4 $125 $32
5 $155 $40
6 $185 $48
7 $215 $56
8 $245 $64


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