Until 1994 the carpet cleaning industry was unregulated meaning anyone could purchase equipment and call themselves a carpet cleaner.  With no formal training requirements, companies were charging extremely low prices to gain business and then providing a quick “in and out” clean resulting in severe damage by leaving shampoo residue and excess water in your carpets.

The carpet throughout your home are one of the most expensive items to replace.  They need to be maintained correctly to ensure longevity and that you get value for money.

Not all carpet cleaners are the same. You need a technician who will clean to the Australian Standards 3733-95 as a minimum.  The Australian Standards are to protect you as a consumer, it outlines guidelines for the correct carpet cleaning and maintenance procedures for your carpets and upholstery.

Questions to ask before booking your carpet cleaner

  • Do you clean to the Australian Standards AS/NZ3733-95 YES
  • Do you offer a guarantee for your work YES
  • Are you a fully trained technician YES
  • Can you provide a definite price with no hidden extras YES

The answer should always be YES

The Australian Standards recommend carpet cleaning every 10-12 months depending on traffic.

Method of Cleaning

  • Move necessary furniture
  • Pre vacuum using a quality commercial vacuum containing a hospital grade filter
  • Pre-treat any marks and stains
  • Pre spray shampoo directly on the carpet
  • Rake the shampoo into the carpet pile (above Australian Standards)

Extraction using fresh clean water

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