Termite Real estate

They might just be the Australian homeowners biggest fear – termites! Termites, or white ants, have the potential to completely destroy your home or at least cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Unfortunately as pest and termite specialists we see this all too often – homeowners have put off having regular inspections and by the time they can clearly see the impact termites or pests have had on their home they are facing a huge repair bill. In fact, the CSIRO even states that 1 in 3 homes in South East Queensland already have or will get termites in the future. When was home’s your last termite inspection?

In this blog we take a look at the top 5 termite myths our professional inspectors hear every day.

Myth #1 – Concrete Around Your Home Will Keep Termites Away

While any physical barrier between your home and the termites’ natural environment is a good idea in principal, they are not guaranteed to keep the pest at bay. In the case of concrete, we have seen many cases where termites have tunneled under the concrete to find an entry point. No matter what landscaping or structures you have around the perimeter of your home, regular yearly inspections by an experienced, licensed technician is a must.

Myth #2 – After The Last Inspection I Didn’t Have Termites So I Don’t Need To Be Checked

Did you know termites can cause serious structural damage to a home in as little as 12 months if left untreated or undetected? Often we hear stories of homeowners who had their property inspected years earlier but have never had one since believing they were in the clear. Termites can impact your home at any time and this is why were strongly recommend yearly inspections to ensure your home is protected.

Myth #3 – The Physical Barrier I Had Installed Will Protect My House

As with the concrete barrier discussed earlier, a physical barrier is a great step in termite protection but it isn’t enough to guarantee your home won’t be affected.  Termites can tunnel under, around or even through certain physical barriers, which makes yearly inspections critical.

Myth #4 – If I Have Ants It Means I Won’t Have Termites

There is some truth to the idea that certain ants eat certain species of termites however this is by no means a sure protection strategy. Ants will not control and entire termite population meaning you may wind up with both ant and termite infestations within your property. AllSeasons pest and termite inspectors are professionally trained and certified to eradicate both ants and termites meaning you don’t have to deal with either.

Myth #5 – Termites In Nearby Trees Won’t Affect My House

Unfortunately some homeowners are lead to believe that if termites have a food, for example a nearby tree in the backyard, they won’t bother with the house. This is absolutely not true and if anything, a nearby infestation should ring major alarm bells that your property may be at risk. Depending on where you live your risk of termites does fluctuate so the best thing to do is chat to a licensed termite inspector about what you can do to ensure your home is protected.

When was your home’s last termite inspection? Book with AllSeasons today and rest easy knowing your most valuable asset is in safe hands


Cleaning is one of those things – we all do it (well most of us!) but who actually taught us how to do it? More often than not, we are just cleaning the same way we always do because that’s the way we guess it needs to be done. Sure, wiping down the bench the wrong way probably isn’t going to do too much harm but when it comes to carpet or expensive upholstery the ‘she’ll be right’ approach can actually do a lot more harm than good.

In this blog we take a look at some common cleaning mistakes you’re almost definitely making.

Using The Wrong Tools or Cleaners

Remember when we were talking about the ‘she’ll be right’ approach? Using the wrong tools or cleaners can actually do a lot more harm than good. Cleaners are usually designed for a specific purpose and despite what you might think, it’s not all marketing speak with the same product just in a different bottle. Particularly when it comes to porous surfaces, like fabrics, using the wrong cleaner or using the wrong tool/utensil can do irreparable damage.

If you’re unsure it’s always better to use a professional. Sure, it might be tempting to have a go yourself but trust us, we’ve seen some horror stories on some very expensive furniture and surfaces.

Leaving It All Too Long

We’re all busy and no one is looking forward to cleaning, particularly those areas that do take a little more elbow grease. Putting off a certain job or leaving it way too long will almost certainly compound the problem and make it a million times harder.

We recommend vacuuming about twice a week and having your carpets professionally cleaned every 10 – 12 months (more often if you have pets and children) and 1 – 3 years for your upholstery. Even if your upholstery & carpets don’t look overly dirty, hygienically it will likely be a different story and crawling with dust mites and bacteria.

Speeding Through It

Ever feel like you’re in a cleaning race? Again, not too many people love to clean but racing through the job will more than likely deliver the same results as if you were not to do anything at all. Most cleaning products take time to work and a little bit of effort to deliver the desired results. Our tip – take a breath, slow down and do the job right the first time so you won’t have to come back and repeat it in a few days. You will thank yourself for it later.

Skipping The Directions

Whether you’re cleaning with natural products or chemical-based cleaners, not reading the directions can actually be really dangerous. Even if you aren’t overly concerned about your own well being, young children or pets who may come in contact with certain surfaces can be harmed if the wrong products have been used or if products have been used in the wrong way.

Often you’ll find you’re either using not enough or way too much of a certain cleaner, not leaving it long enough or leaving it too long on a particular surface. Take the time, read the instructions and use the proper safety gear to be sure. It’s not worth the risk.


Forgetting Hot Spots

There are certain hot spots that regularly go unnoticed when it comes to the cleaning roster. Ask yourself this – when was the last time you cleaned your door handles? What about your computer keyboard? How about the television remote? Or what about the lounge suite itself? These ‘high-traffic’ zones need special attention yet more often than not they only get looked at when they are visibly dirty.

How many of these common cleaning mistakes are you making? When it comes to taking care of upholstery and carpets, not all cleaners are the same. Tick a job off your to-do list and get it done properly the first time. Request A Quote Today from AllSeasons today.